We at Miran Group value success, integrity and setting a high standard in all our projects. We want to continually improve and develop as an organisation. Starting operations in 1991, growing from a import and export company we have overcome many obstacles and challenges to become more resilient and more flexible in how we deal with problems in the market.

Chairman's Speech

I am excited for you to see the work Miran group has done since 1991, highlighting our accomplishments, strengths and the work we have done not only for developing the country, but also the charity work we have done to improve the welfare of our people.

This is a company that I have seen grow from the start, and has been a staple part of my life.

I look to the future and see more success and more accomplishments for Miran Group. With its humble roots, it has grown into a company that is prosperous and successful, we hope this continues long into the future.

Ahmed Haji Ali
Chairman of Miran Group