Opthalmology Hospital

The only public opthalmology hospital in Sulaimaniyah.

Providing a wide range of services specialized in opthalmology using latest technology and providing an exceptional service to patients.


Rehabitation Center

Miran Group's rehabitation center for adults.

One of the largest rehabitation centers in Kurdistan, the center creates a safe environment for incarcerated individuals. Outdoor area provides inmates with facilities to maintain health, as well as services and facilities to ensure inmates are ready to be introduced back in to society.


Husseinya Hospital

200 bed hospital in Baghdad

General hospital for multipurpose care, contracted by the government of Iraq to Miran Group. The goal of building this hospital is to push Iraq's healthcare system into the modern of era of healthcare technology.


Ranya Hospital

Miran Group's project as a part of Ranya's redevelopment projects.

Ranya as an area which has significance in the history of Kurdistan. Ranya hospital plans to provide general care to Ranya's citizens, and its surrounding rural areas.


Human Rights Center

Human Rights center in Baghdad.

Human rights is commonly neglected in Iraq, with the center being built not only symbolizes a new phase in Iraq's future, but a place where people can have their cases heard.


Ranya Monument

The Ranya Monument at the gate of Ranya town.

The Ranya Monument commemorates the Kurdish uprising that took place against the Baathist regime. The monument is built in thye memory of those who took part in the uprising and as a symbol of the importance of Ranya in Kurdish history.


Rehibiliation Hospital

Center for redevelopment and improvement in people's healthcare.

The hospital is contracted by the Kurdistan Regional Government and is one of the first of it's kind in the region.


Maternary Hospital

The only hospital in Sulaimaniyah that provides a dedicated service to women and children.

Patient care is tailored to the individual, great emphasis is put on safety, and high quality clinical care and cleaniness is being offered.